Ona Kamu

Ona Kamu has several titles; singer, musician, composer, actress, performance artist, artistic director of Ona Kamu Collective, music producer and head of her own record label Pakara Records. Ona is the epitome of the uncategorised.  Just like her art, her work is ambitious, relentless and follows her own paths.

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Heimo minussa. Music video
Kiusaa mua. Music video
Album released on March 2017. Spotify
Kaikki on kuin unta. Single released on December 2017

Artist Booking: Juha Kyyrö tel +358 50 5468187 juha@fullsteam.fi
Production contact: joona@fullsteam.fi
Label contact: pakararecords@gmail.com


Ona Kamu Kollektiivi

The Ona Kamu Collective is founded in the year 2010. The core of the group’s performance is electronic music, motion and light. Facebook>


Electomys is a music performance based on the electric signals generated by human muscles which were registered during a medical measurement of a human nervous system (2010).
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Solutasolla (2011) Info> Press/Fi> Press/Eng> Video>

Seksiä 16.25 (2014) Info> Press1> Press2> Press4> Video1>Video2

Pyramidi 2017
Pyramidi teaser 1
Pyramidi teaser 2
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